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    1. 微信公眾號


      Our foundry services are committed to providing products and services for a state of the art realization of your project.

      Design sucess: First time & on time

      UMS foundry provides an integrated suite of services to ensure that ASIC designs are successfully first run manufactured on the first run.

      The overall flow from design to fabrication and delivery is optimised to offer to designers:

      • Right process selection to meet design goals,
      • Design kits supporting scalable accurate and validated models, available on CAD platforms
      • Technical support at all stages
      • Critical Foundry Design Reviews to early identiy and resolve issues
      • Manufacturing on reliable and repeatable III-V processes
      • Optional early MMIC validation through on-wafer tests
      • Known-good dies delivery
      • Packaging

      Time to market: the UMS fast track

      Our approach is to focus on a range of core and optional services to shorten time to market at a consistent price for our customers.

      Picking & DeliveryWafer testDesign kitsFoundry Course

      Benefits for designers:

      • Pre-design support for process selection
      • Training courses (optional) to get the most out of your design
      • Fast access to get what you need from our processes
      • Value added support: a hot line when needed
      • Reduced lead times (6 weeks for PH25)
      • Optional on-wafer testing, pick and sort, for an efficient one stop delivery
      • Low cost packaging supported by dedicated PDK
      • MPW shuttles (Shared foundry runs)

      Do you need more information?

      Contact us @ tmtnanjing@163.com

      地址:中國南京市玄武區龍蟠路155號紫金聯合立方5幢    郵編:210037

      電話:+86-25-84812008 ; 傳真:+86-25-84812098 ; 電郵:tmtnanjing@163.com