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    1. 微信公眾號

      UMS Foundry organises regular training for immediate design start !

      Participants will get a clear understanding of the technology processes, design flow and techniques to realise effective designs using our latest toolkits.

      Course Objectives

      The UMS foundry training course is the opportunity to access the complete GaAs and GaN MMIC design rules.
      Our course aims to impart a sound understanding of our design methodology and the best application rules to optimize the result.
      Each course offers participants the advantage of talking to specialists with experience in the covered areas such as MMIC design, CAD modelling, test measurement and packaging. This is the ideal opportunity to benefit from the experience of engineers who have implemented many successful designs.

      Course content

      The 2 day standard Foundry course is held at regular intervals in our Villebon / Yvette facilities.
      Typically, the course covers the following topics:
      〉 GaAs and GaN Technologies
      〉 pHEMT modelling
      〉 Layout skills and CAD demo
      〉 Specific techniques for Mixer, High Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier design
      〉 On-wafer measurement
      〉 Reliability
      〉 How to get the best out of our foundry service
      〉 Open forum and specific questions

      Joining a course

      If you wish to attend or need further information on foundry courses, please contact tmtnanjing@163.com

      地址:中國南京市玄武區龍蟠路155號紫金聯合立方5幢    郵編:210037

      電話:+86-25-84812008 ; 傳真:+86-25-84812098 ; 電郵:tmtnanjing@163.com